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Sun, 02/21/2010 4:09 PM  |  Discover

The global financial downturn has reduced job opportunities for young people. Subsequently, the younger generation’s rate of unemployment has rapidly increased. The solution to this problem is strengthening youth entrepreneurship.

Although it is still debatable how this problem would be best addressed, one of the best ideas that has been raised is to provide capital and teach life skills to youngsters within a local community.

Young people should be trained in entrepreneurship and life skills such as sewing, engineering and so on, based on their interests.

There is no need to build new training centers as it could be carried out in popular places such as village hall, school, or any places that could accommodate the activities.

The local community can also provide its own businessperson or mechanic as trainers for the young people.

The program should not stop at training. The young people could make a group of their own and create a business proposal they would have to submit to the government.

With guidelines and capital from the government, each group could open their own business such as auto garages, tailoring, and many others.

That program not only stops in giving capital, but also continues periodically. Youngsters who have trained are given capital to open their own business is evaluated periodically by government, for example, once a quarter.

The group that has the best plan and execution, and shows increasing benefit in a period of three years, for example, is eligible for an award from the government. It will raise motivation among the young people to do their best in the program.

Eventually this program will create innovative young people. The local community will also benefit from this program not only because the business will improve the local economy but the skillful, innovative young people will become ready to build the society.

The economic crisis is the impetus to nurture entrepreneurship in young people. In the end, the country will become a wealthy nation because of this program.

Ferril Irham M

Student of State University of Malang, East Java


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