Letter: Should we thank Gayus?

| Tue, 11/23/2010 9:44 AM | readers forum

A hero is a person who gives great contributions to society. It is stated under the constitution that a hero should struggle for freedom, nation and the people. A hero’s efforts contribute to the betterment of society. Gayus is a person who has made a contribution to society. In fact, he has made three.

As a judicial mafia suspect, Gayus exposed a major tax scandal. Before the Gayus scandal was publicly exposed, there were only a rumors about corruption in our tax system. Nobody could prove it, but after Gayus’ confession, the public knows there is something wrong with our tax system.

Gayus told the public about companies who don’t pay tax. He identified people involved in tax scandals. This is the first step to reforming the tax system in Indonesia.

Because of Gayus, mafia in our legal system is now clearly known by the  public. He told the  public who received bribes in the National Police, in the Attorney General’s Office and in the courts. What Gayus has been doing so far is implicating our legal system. It is now society that must force change to eradicate the underground legal mafia.

Gayus’ vacation to Bali might be just a trick to open another mega scandal. As commoners know, Gayus told the public that he met an important man in politics and economics. That person, Gayus said, is powerful person in Indonesia. By meeting that person, Gayus opened public eyes to a “love triangle” between politics, money and law. Thanks Gayus, for exposing that scandal.

By exposing the tax scandal, highlighting corruption in our legal system and potentially opening a major political scandal, we have to recognize Gayus as a hero. What he does opens our eyes to the reality that there is something wrong with our tax system. If we disagree with regarding him as a hero, at least Gayus is still a hero for corruptors and mafia.

Ferril Irham Muzaki
Malang, East Java


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