VALIANT EDS UM : 2012 Highlights

We’re really Grateful of keeping up the good work and continuously grabbing prestigious trophies for UM:
Here are the highlight of our achievements so far for 2012:

1) International Debate Ma Chung 2012 (2nd Runner-up, Semifinalist, Quarterfinalist, top 5 best speakers)
2) ITS Open National Debate 2012 (Quarterfinalist, Top 10 best speakers)
3) SMASH (SMANISDA Sidoarjo Open Debate) 2012 (1st Runner-up, Top 10 best speakers)
4) NUEDC Kopertis VII Selection (Champion, Top 10 best speakers)

We’d like to thank the Campus for the wonderfull support & Hope that we can always make UM proud of us and even a lot prouder in the future 🙂

2 comments to VALIANT EDS UM : 2012 Highlights

  • If I’m not mistaken, EDS is the abbrev. of English Debating Society, while Valiant refers to the Name of this group (in this case in UM)


    ekowahyu.s FSUM

  • Rani

    WOW! it’s so cool that UM’s students can have achievements in national even international level. But anyway, what is Valiant, and what is EDS?


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