VALIANT End of Year Review: New Achievements

It’s been the final month of this year and VALIANT, the UM”s Debate Club hasn’t stopped making the campus proud of its existence. Here is the final review of VALIANT‘s new achievements that hasn’t been published before:

  • Quarterfinalist of Bali NUEDC National Selection 2012 (Nadia, Umar)
  • Octofinalist of JOVED UGM 2012 (Karnia, Gebi, Lutfi)
  • 1st Runner-up of PIMNAS DIKTI 2012 (Wika, Zia, Irna)
  • 2nd Runner-up of MNDC MDU 2012 (laila, Riri, Septi)
  • Semifinalist  of MNDC 2012 (Arif, Isna, Franky)
  • Quarterfinalist of MNDC 2012 (Uyun, Ila, Ilham)

This is VALIANT’s gift to UM this year. Hopefully we don’t stop here and the support needed keeps coming.

Wish us the best luck for IVED ITB 2013 next January…
Happy End of Year UM…Proud of being part of ur vast development 🙂


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