VALIANT: Another Surprises


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VALIANT Debating Society of UM has successfully entered the final round of NUEDC KOPERTIS SELECTION Held by DIKTI. We completed the tournament with the position of 3rd Runner-up, top 10 best speakers, and breaking quarterfinal adjudicator. More importantly, the finalist debaters(Eryc Zanuardhi & Irna Fibianti) along with the breaking  n1 adjudicator (Ayrton Eduardo) are going to be one of the official representatives of JATIM squad for the 5th NUEDC 2011 next month.

Hope to bring you better news for the next competition…

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1 thought on “VALIANT: Another Surprises


    (1 Juni 2011 - 10:50)

    Congratulation on your achievement 🙂

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