The Play (Season 2)

Title                    :You Ain’t Talented

Written By        : Ivan setiawan

Perform at         : 1 January 2011

Location             : J9

Starting at          : 18.30

This drama tells about International Talent  Scouting — Best Opportunity to unWonderfulLand. Generally speaking, the contestants are all show their performance unexpectedly. They all, indeed, are a bunch of troublemakers in the audition. Mr. Edward acts as  the master jury of the scouting and Stephanie acts as his assisstant. The first contestants are two girls come from Vancouver. They want to sing a beautiful song in the audition. At first, they sing very beautifully, but then it changes to be worst in the middle up to the last of performance. Thus, they make jury get angry and ask them to go out from the scouting.  The second candidate are three beautiful girls,  named Shirley, Sheila, and Sharon.  They  come from Liverpool. In the scouting, they perform Cinderella. Just the same with the previous contestants, they act very well at first, but then they gets to be very rude to each other. They really missed the jury up and almost burst their head. At last,they are forced to go out from the audition room.  So… What’s next?

Title                    :  My One True Love —not

Written By       :  Silvy Cinthia A

Perform at        : 3 January 2011

Location            : J9

Starting at          : 18.30

Love at the first sight. What a cliché isn’t it? Well, it seems that this cliché will befall on one and only Rein D. Grey this time. After one accidental encounter with the said princess of Mauve Academy, Freesia Fuchsia,  this raven haired boy find himself enamored with her. Accompanied by his tomboy childhood best friend, Amaranth Lee, and the sole heir to Freudians Estate, Milly ‘Devil’ Freudians, he sets to win his dream girl’s heart. Of course, a long road filled with a hysterical mother, the devil herself and her evil scheme, yourself in a drag, a mad-scientist, and a so-called love potion isn’t something that your ordinary teenage boy will expect. So, will this cliché end up with the happily ever after like the others? Will he succeed in winning Freya’s heart or die trying? Geez… none will die in this, end up in asylum maybe, but dead? or maybe…

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