Letter: End of US invasion of Iraq

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US President Barrack Obama has said Iraq should take responsibility for their own homeland security. That statement shows that the US mission in Iraq has formally ended.

The US mission in Iraq has failed. The US has sent home more than 4,400 of its own fallen soldiers.

As commoners know, the US has occupied Iraq since 2003. Their argument was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. As time went by, nothing was found except for some pesticide.

The US then changed their argument, claiming they sought to help the Iraqis achieve better security. The US Army captured and hung Saddam Hussein, but history shows this did not affect Iraqi homeland security.

In the White House on Aug. 31, 2010, Barack Obama said that mission in Iraq is over. Even before Obama spoke about the US failure in Iraq, many analysts said that Iraq will be a land without a landlord.

Everything will be based on the law of the jungle. There is one thing that Indonesia and Indonesians could learn from the unaccomplished US mission in Iraq.

Indonesia and Indonesians should stop trying to use muscle to solve terrorism. Using bullets to solve terrorism will trigger other bombs.

The decision to learn from US catastrophes in Iraq is in Indonesia’s hands. History always repeats itself if learning from historical events is neglected.

Ferril Irham M


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